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School of Choice - No Child Left Behind

NCLB (No Child Left Behind) School of Choice and SES (Supplemental Educational Services)

When schools do not meet State targets for improving the achievement of all students, parents are provided educational options. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) provides funding for SES (Supplemental Educational Services) and School of Choice transfer to another school that is meeting AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress).

While AYP is an important measure of student learning, it is important to remember that a district that does not make AYP should never be considered a “failing” district. Teaching and learning is an ongoing process that changes constantly to meet the unique needs of students and communities. One of the most important goals of NCLB is to identify areas in each district and school where improvement is needed.

District 300 Title I Schools: Golfview Elementary, Meadowdale Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Perry Elementary, Lakewood School, and Carpentersville Middle offer educational opportunities for students to meet yearly progress.

Schools eligible to participate in Public School of Choice transfer 2012-2013:

Parents/guardians must submit their transfer application within 14 days of receipt of the Application for Public School Choice Transfer Packet.

Assigned seats will be held only 10 school days after a choice option is offered. Families who intend to utilize the assigned seat of the chosen school must have their child enrolled and in attendance by the specified enrollment date. Seats available after the 10 school day period described above will be reassigned to students on the waiting list.

Please read carefully the following CUSD300 transfer regulation and guidance for NCLB Choice Transfer Requests:

D300 Administrative Regulations: 7:30

Provisions for NCLB Choice Transfer Requests

Pursuant to Illinois Public Act 92-604 and the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Public Law 107-110, Sec. 1116 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 6317) Title I schools identified for improvement will offer families of officially enrolled* students an opportunity to transfer to another school in the district that has made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

The Superintendent/designee will make a determination annually as to the number of eligible receiving schools and the number of transfer students who can be assigned to each school for the upcoming school year, based upon the criteria below and grade enrollment standards.

Transfers will be assigned based on Title I funds, space or program available at each eligible receiving school. Space availability will also be determined by students' special needs and the program offerings at receiving schools. Services necessary to meet students' particular special education, bilingual or other programmatic educational needs may only be offered at certain receiving schools.

The district will only provide transportation to the extent that funds are available for transporting current and previously transferred students. If the designated Title I funds are insufficient to provide transportation to each student who request a transfer the district must give priority to the lowest-achieving eligible students from low income families. This priority will also apply to previously transferred students.

The assignments of the available spaces will be determined by the following NCLB priorities:

* First Priority Those students not meeting performance standards and
eligible for the federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program

* Second Priority Those students not meeting performance standards

* Third Priority Those students eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch program

* Fourth Priority Any other students

Performance standards criteria will be determined by reading and mathematics data from State Assessments: ISAT, ACCESS, IAA, and other local assessments.

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