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The Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra from Lakewood School received the 1st Division award for all 19 members at the District 300 Solo and Ensemble Festival in April. This was the largest ensemble to ever perform at this grade level!  The students performed Georg Telemann’s program music, the concerto grosso, “Attack of the Windmills” from the don Quixote suite.  These same students have been invited to perform for the dual language program at Liberty Elementary School, where they will perform the entire Don Quixote suite, with narrators reading excerpts from the original don Quixote (in Spanish) by Cervantes. Mr. Cappaert, who has lived in Guatemala and Ecuador, states that; ”Our students have worked very hard on these pieces, they have great pronunciation and inflection in their narration. It is a privledge to bring this fine young orchestra and 5th narrators to Liberty School.”

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